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Evolution resources column

I contributed a series of papers about information resources for to EE&O. All of these are available for free, although some published in volumes 1–5 may be moved behind a pay wall for several month’s time. I will happily provide a reprint ex post haste.

“Exploring Phylogeny at the ToLWeb Project.”

“The NCBI Databases: an Evolutionist’s Perspective.”

“Complete Bibliography of Eugenie C. Scott.”

The Origin Manuscripts at the “The Darwin Manuscripts Project.”

“Print Reference Sources about Evolution.”

“Blogging evolution”

“Charles Darwin’s manuscripts and publications on the World Wide Web.”

Book reviews

In EE&O unless otherwise stated.

“Richard Owen’s “Most interesting department of natural history . . . its very soul.” 

“Milner’s Encyclopedic Un-Encyclopedia.”

“The Charms of Nature: Darwin on Meaning and Value.”

Review of David J. Buller, Function, Selection, Design and Colin Allen, Marc Bekoff, and George C. Lauder, Nature’s Purposes: Analyses of Function and Design in Biology. In Australasian Journal of Philosophy 80: 126–8.

Review of Lowell Nissen, Teleological Language in the Life Sciences. In Australasian Journal of Philosophy 77: 385–7.

Inaugural issue

My contribution to our first ever issue.

“Evolution by Example.”

Editor’s introduction to volume 1 issue 2

I guest edited this issue.

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful.”

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