Origin of Species

I have created a digital edition of the first edition (1859, John Murray) of The Origin of Species. The digital edition is intended to provide the contemporary reader with a familiar access to the late 19th-century text, while providing the same information and context that a facsimile copy. To this end, it is formatted with wide margins and typeset for readability. Contemporary punctuation and other formatting conventions are used throughout. Darwin’s page numbering is given along with the page numbers of the digital edition, and there are two indices. This edition is suitable for use by historians or other scholars who need reference to Darwin’s pagination.

The book is typeset in LaTeX. All aspects of its formatting can be customized. The LaTeX source text and style files are available for anyone to use; contact Dr. Goldstein. It is intended that these materials be put online for the public. The text has been proofread three times against the facsimile edited by Ernst Mayr (Harvard).

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