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By training and experience, I am a teacher, historian and philosopher of science, librarian, and ontological engineer. My B.A. degree is from The University of California at Santa Cruz, where I majored (double) in philosophy and biology. Drs. David Hoy, Leo Laporte, Todd Newberry, and Emanuel Abraham made especially lasting and important contributions to my education; among teaching assistants, Christina Diaz and Christoph Cox were especially influential.

I attended The Johns Hopkins University, completing my PhD in Philosophy in 2006. I wrote my dissertation about chance and explanation in evolutionary biology. My work today extends my dissertation. Karen Neander, Peter Achinstein, and Steven Stanley advised my thesis work. I am grateful for their contribution. I continued my formal education at Pratt Institute, in Manhattan, from which I obtained a Master’s of Library and Information Science. I focused my efforts on learning about the organization of information. More information about my research can be found by browsing this site. At present, my scholarly work is informed by the confluence of the historical-philosophical questions raised in my dissertation,  and my interests in the organization of information. I am senior handling editor and reviews editor for Evolution: Education and Outreach. I consider this to be one of the most important contributions to knowledge and learning I have made. At present, I am working towards my Master’s in Education at Hunter College School of Education. My aim is to obtain my New York State certification as a biology teacher for grades 7-12 and to teach in the New York Department of Education.

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