Blog Carnival of Evolution #23

1 May 2010 § Leave a Comment

Greetings all! Everyone go visit

and look at this month’s Blog Carnival of Evolution.

All posts are really excellent, focusing on important topics in evolutionary biology. It makes for exciting and informative reading.

EE&O archives to be available free, indefinitely

9 April 2010 § Leave a Comment

Over at the Evolution: Education & Outreach blog, I have posted some important news. The journal will be available on PubMed Central after a 12 month embargo (“moving wall“), starting in about six months. Read about it at

Editors and Editorial Board members are excited about this new development. The intention was to create a resource for learning about evolution that everyone can use, not just those fortunate enough to have access to it by way of a university or research institution that can afford to subscribe because they buy journal access “in bulk.” This includes a large proportion of our intended audience, which consists of primary and secondary school teachers, teaching faculty at colleges and universities, and, of course, curious individuals who want to expand their understanding of evolution.

New Blog Carnival of Evolution!

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Hey everyone!

Check out the latest blog carnival of evolution!


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