Box plots and diagrams for AP Biology

The AP Biology exam requires students to interpret images and graphical representation of data, including representations of error and variability. As an instructor, I would have liked to have a stock of such visual representations for use in lessons in class and homework taken from the scientific literature. Recently, I have come across some great examples in the literature of ornithology and marine biology. Here are links to some of those papers, with exemplary images from each.

Morimura N, Mori Y. (2019) Social responses of travelling finless porpoises to boat traffic risk in Misumi West Port, Ariake Sound, Japan. PLOS ONE 14(1): e0208754.

St. John, F., J. Steadman, G. Austen, and S. Redpath. Value diversity and conservation conflict: Lessons from the management of red grouse and hen harriers in England. People and Nature (2018): 1–18.


Sainz-Borgo, Cristina, S. Koffler, and K. Jaffé. 2018. On the adaptive characteristics of bird flocks: Small birds from mixed flocks. Ornitología Neotropical 29: 289-296.

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