OBO Foundry announces approved ontologies

The OBO Foundry has just announced that a set of ontologies have been reviewed, and have been found to be compliant with OBO Foundry principles. The approved ontologies include the following.

Chemical Entities of Biological Interest
Gene Ontology
Phenotypic Quality Ontology
Protein Ontology
Xenopus Anatomy Ontology
Zebrafish Anatomy Ontology

These ontologies are intended to represent a broad range of biological phenomena without overlapping with one another, and so are intended to be used in a modular fashion by a variety of researchers. Developing these ontologies helps the research community as a whole by improving these multi-purpose classification tools.

Other ontologies are being reviewed at present, and it is anticipated at the Foundry that these will also be approved, pending revision.

The OBO Foundry has announced that ”we will be publishing a revised set of principles which will be applied in future reviews in the period following the February 2010 OBO Foundry meeting,” noting that ”At every stage, these are best conceived as a set of guidelines designed to promote evolutionary improvement in the ontologies; like the ontologies themselves, these principles will always be subjected to further review in the future.”

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