Ontology of fear

Brian Rea's fears mural

Brian Rea, a designer, art director, and artist, is the topic of a recent online article in Fast Company magazine. Rea has created two giant murals (7 x 3.5-meters, according to Fast Company), on which he has written the names of various fears, organized by type. For instance, there are major categories for fears about physical/natural events, emotional events, supernatural events, and political events.

UFO #1

Rea told Fast Company that he “spent a few months researching UFO sightings and reports from the last 50 years” in order to depict fears about UFO’s.

UFO image #2

It seems to me that looking at these murals might provide some insight into an ontology of fears. Besides the intrinsic interest of such an ontology, I suspect it might be useful to psychiatrists or psychologists looking for insight about hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and other moods and mental states. I haven’t been able to identify any such ontology currently being built, and I hope that interested ontologists searching the Internet might come across this posting.

The murals are being shown at the Murals exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, at the Fundació Joan Miró, until 6 June 2010.

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