BibDesk 1.5.2 released

A new version of BibDesk, the bibliographic reference manager for users of BibTeX on OS X with extensions for use with word processing software, is now available. Visit, or use the “Check for updates” menu item from within BibDesk itself.

Many thanks to contributors to the bibtex-users mailing list, who, as usual, tested nightly builds, proposed and tested new features, and identified and help kill bugs. Those wanting to join the mailing list are invited to visit the BibDesk home page for more information. Scroll down to “Helping” and “Information” for links.

Release notes are as follows:

New Features

  • You can now follow links in citation fields from the main table
  • Improved display of search groups in group table
  • Added web group support for SpringerLink and IACR archives, as well as generic bibTeX
  • Add menu action to select all crossref parents of selected items
  • Improvements to Script menu, smarter updating, allow custom ordering, support for automator workflows

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix accidental overwrite of fields when changing publication type
  • Parse @string macro definitions from files that use parenthesis
  • Fix size of icons in add bookmark sheets
  • You should not be able to drag a group outline item
  • Use improved contextual menu support in tables
  • Fix failing check for parseable string types
  • Fix missing template files
  • Fix scripting support for local file format
  • Fix scripting support for groups
  • Avoid duplicate menu item titles
  • Log parser errors from web parsers
  • Avoid using the printing system for the TeX preview
  • Fix contextual menu when no items are selected
  • Fix a crasher in the Dublin Core parser

One thought on “BibDesk 1.5.2 released

  1. Dalimin

    Made sense to me, as I am setting up a syetsm to use subversion and LaTeX at work for document control.One basic thing that I may be missing [or is possibly a real problem]:Once you are done editing your .tex files, run LaTeX a couple of times [to take care of toc and svn stuff], and produce either a .dvi or .pdf of the document, you commit it to the repository and your local copy [.dvi or .pdf] is immediately out of sync [behind by one version].Is this a don’t worry about it kind of thing, or am I missing some very simple keyword/command/whatever to resolve this?Thanks.

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