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@semanticvoid, who I thank for providing the following, at, writes:

“ initiative from Google, Bing & Yahoo to create & support a common vocab for structured data markup (via @arnabdotorg)”

I really do have to say, remembering back to the work for my MSLIS degree learning MARC and ISBD standards, and that I was told that the day and age of the skilled cataloger was gone, and that all we would need would be the 11 (or whatever the number is) fields of the Dublin core, and that all people want and need is a free text search, just like google, THAT I TOLD YOU SO. Even google does not want to search “like google” any more.

The one other comment I want to make, by way of a question, is, Does everyone really want these super-corporations to establish the ways in which our relationships to one another are going to be represented online? As in the case of Facebook? The revolution will not be televised, oh no, it will be tweeted and appear in the status updates of Facebook users around the world, meanwhile, those not participating can “like” it.

Please, google and everyone else who was so vocal about how ontologies, term lists, etc., are too centralized, not truly social because they require a central organizing authority to set the standards, knock yourself out creating a structured markup language. If the Library of Congress is too authoritarian for you, then how about google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!? I’ll be in the Rose Reading Room looking back over a favorite of mine: Fahrenheit 451.

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