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New lab instrument invaluable in search for truth


The new apparatus with the Rock Splitter.

A new instrument has been obtained for use in the Invertebrate Paleontology & Evolution Ontology Lab at AMNH. It’s seen here photographed with that other low-tech but important tool, the rock crusher/splitter. Who knew that such a powerful tool such as the rock splitter could be used with such precision? The thinnest flake of layered shale can be split off fully intact.


The new apparatus with the MK II and a trilobite.

The new apparatus is pictured in the next photo with our lab mascot, the Nikon MK II Fiber Optic Light. A note on it says “taking the microscope to rm 114,” with the word “back” inserted between “microscope” and “to rm 114.” Until recently, there was dissecting microscope with the MK II. I take it that the person who took the microscope “back to rm 114” also took the fiber optic lights from the MK II. I say that possession is nine-tenths of the law, and since our lab was home to that microscope for many years, I may just bring it “back” to its rightful spot, bringing along the MK II’s lights too.